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    Good Afternoon Softball and Baseball Parents!

We as a Board want to thank you for your patience as we navgate these unfortunate times. As many of you know, we are mostly new members and had to take on the task of waiting on State and our leagues to figure out how or if we were going to have a season. Now that we know no season will be held for 2020 we have a date and times for you all to pick up your refund check and jeresys. Some may have notice that the money went right back in to your checking account or credit card and many we had to write checks out to. Our Treasurer has made out all checks to be passed out on Saturday the 30th at Engelhart field (AKA Ferriot field). We are asking for you to come at designated times that are listed below. If you have multiple children in leauges you may come at once. We are trying to cut down on having to many people at the field and social distancing.  And please wear a mask when picking up. If you can not make this date you will need to contact Nicole Russell at 330-573-7359 and we can figure out a time to meet. 

Again the Board wants to thank you all for understanding and we hope to see you back for the 2021 Season.

Saturday 5/30/2020  Engelhart Field (aka Ferriot Field)

Tball, 14u, and F leauge                 9:00 am

Girls Coach and Boys Coach  Pitch    9:30 am

H leauge and 10u                          10:00 am   

G leauge and 12u                          10:30 am